python-ldap-2.0.0pre05 and openldap-2.1.3

Jens Vagelpohl jens at
Mon Jul 29 16:30:39 CEST 2002

> I am trying to install python-ldap for solaris 8 using openldap-2.1.3.
> The openldap configures fine without giving any errors, but gives a
> warning which says- " Could not locate TLS/SSL package. TLS data
> protection not supported." Do i have to have SSL package?

it's just a warning. warnings are not fatal errors. the warning tells you 
exactly what is happening: no SSL package, so you will not get ldap with 
TLS or ldap over SSL.

> And, when I try to configure python-ldap, it throws the following
> error -
> Modules/options.c: In function `LDAP_set_option':
> Modules/options.c:79: warning: return makes integer from pointer
> without a cast
> Modules/options.c:97: warning: return makes integer from pointer
> without a cast
> gcc -shared build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/LDAPObject.o
> build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/common.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-
> 2.1/constants.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/errors.o
> build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/functions.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-
> sun4u-2.1/schema.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/ldapmodule.o
> build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/linkedlist.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-
> sun4u-2.1/message.o build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/version.o
> build/temp.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/options.o -
> L/opt/local/web/ldap/openldap-2.1.3/libraries -lldap -llber -o
> build/lib.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/
> ld: fatal: library -llber: not found
> ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to
> build/lib.solaris-2.8-sun4u-2.1/
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
> I have noticed that the openldap-2.0.25 (the previous version) had
> liblber.a in the libraries folder. Where as, in openldap-2.1.3 there is
> no such file (liblber.a) in the libraries folder. Is this related to
> the error?

obviously the error is caused by not finding liblber. liblber *is* part of 
a openldap build (at least on all the 2.1.x builds i have done on linux 
and mac os x), so either it was put in a place that the buildout does not 
know about or your openldap build went wrong.


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