License (was: Re: TODO until python-ldap 2.0.0 final release)

David Leonard david.leonard at
Sun Aug 25 09:18:52 CEST 2002

hmm. for PSF licencing, I think we will have to

	1) check with PSF - they may want us to sign a 'contributor
	   agreement', a la Zope, to indemnify them against IP/ownership etc

	2) assign copyright of all files to the PSF, ie add to each file:
	  "Copyright (c) 2002 Python Software Foundation; All Rights Reserved"

if you're going to give away ownership like that, then why not just go public
domain? its the most 'open' of open source, imho.

I'm happy either way, since I gave up copyright in all of my contributed
files. As, long as you leave the notice/warning message in there somewhere.

note also that previous file versions (extracted from cvs) would remain under
their old licencing/copyright (if any).. which is normal, and desirable.


On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Michael Ströder typed thusly:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> > that looks good.
> >
> > now, all of these licenses mention that they are between the end user
> > and some tangible entity, like the python software foundation in case of
> > the python license. what or who would that entity be for python-ldap? i
> > have a feeling there must be some "licensor" explicitly named to make
> > this beast enforceable at all.
> Yes.
> How about asking Guido at Zope on how to grant the "licensor" role to
> the PSF? sounds much like
> that. Maybe there's a separate PSF license available we can refer to?
> David?
> Ciao, Michael.

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