further python-ldap RPM updates

Joe Little jlittle at open-it.org
Mon Dec 30 23:22:38 CET 2002

Another bug crept into the RPMs I built. A patch suggested by rread has 
been accepted for the 7.3 and 8.0 editions of the python-ldap RPM. It 
addresses incorrect permissions on the schema subdirectory. Updated 
RPMs and SRPMs have been posted to ftp.open-it.org. I'll also be 
looking at using "distutil install" shortly to make sure it can 
interact well with the spec file usage or pythondir (used to specify 
the version to build against).

Also, as soon as I dig out of the post holiday mess, I'm going to 
fulfill a promise to start tracking again the latest OpenLDAP packages, 
with an RPM of OpenLDAP 2.1.10.

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