[rcardenes at debian.org: Re: Bug#179108: ldap_initialize patch]

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Thu Apr 10 22:43:51 CEST 2003

Ricardo Javier Cardenes wrote:
> Ok. Now I've checked deeply :-)

Great. I didn't get a response on the openldap-users list up to now...

> So, ldap_initialize(&ldp, NULL) is the same (to all effects) that
> ldap_initialize(&ldp, "ldap://localhost/").

Well, this could be achieved by just patching ldap.initialize() or 
LDAPObject.__init__(). There might be valid reasons to do so. I'll think 
about it.

> Of course, that doesn't explain my previous problems with LDAP lookups
 > [..]
> Oddly enough, I've those problems no more :-?

Glad to hear that. ;-)

>>>Of course, if Michael has a more deep view of OpenLDAP internals than I
> Note that I wasn't looking for any type of offence. I regretted about
> this particular statement after sending the mail.

No problem at all.

>>No, I don't have more insight. In fact I'm not very familiar with the C 
>>part of python-ldap which is hard to maintain for me since David Leonard 
>>does not have time to spent anymore. Contributions welcome (e.g. support 
>>for extended controls).
> Mmh... I can help if you need someone doing the C part. I'm somewhat
> experienced dealing with C/C++ extending/embedding Python :-)

I'd really appreciate your help. Look at the TODO file.

> Anyway, this is not a problem now.

So Peter can close the Debian bug and we'll meet at the python-ldap-dev list...

Ciao, Michael.

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