problem with python-ldap (it's very impotant please)

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu Apr 17 18:30:11 CEST 2003

walid aoudi wrote:
> i have 3 versions of python installed on my pc, i
> don't want to erase anyone but i would know how to
> make python 2.1.3 intercept the python-ldap libraries,

Each Python interpreter has its own directory site-packages/ in the Python 
library dir where the extension modules go. You have to invoke with 
the exactly the Python interpreter you want to use python-ldap with.

Example (to be really sure the full path is given here):
/usr/bin/python2.2 build
/usr/bin/python2.2 install

You can check by typing
/usr/bin/python2.2 -c "import ldap;print ldap.__version__"

So if you wanna use python-ldap in three local installations of Python you 
have to build and install it three times, each time invoking with 
the Python executable.

 > is it with the setup.cfg file ?

You have to manually tweak setup.cfg to reflect how OpenLDAP libs and 
additional packages needed by the OpenLDAP libs were built (e.g. OpenSSL, 
Cyrus-SASL) and where they are installed.

Ciao, Michael.

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