authentication - no errors

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed May 7 20:02:28 CEST 2003

Michael Engelhart wrote:
> I'm still losing my mind with why my python-ldap won't throw 
> authentication errors when invalid passwords are passed


> I still can't figure out how 
> to force python-ldap to throw an exception upon entering an invalid dn 
> or password or combination thereof.

You don't have to force python-ldap to throw the exception. If the error 
code returned by the LDAP server is non-zero there is always an appropriate 
LDAPError exception raised.

> This is definitely a 
> python-ldap issue because when I try and do an ldapsearch on the command 
> line it gives an error message saying that the dn or password is invalid.

I doubt that.

Check whether you uses the right OpenLDAP libs.

Ciao, Michael.

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