adding organizationalUnit

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu May 15 08:49:48 CEST 2003

Michael Engelhart wrote:
 > I guess my misunderstanding is that add() requests a dn.

The dn is the complete DN of the new entry
=> you have to form a new RDN and concatenate this with a base DN of an 
existing entry.

 >     modlist.append(('dn','ou=People,'))

Not needed and probably not allowed.

 >     l.add(dnToAddTo, modlist)

l.add('ou=People,', modlist)

 > I get this error:
 > {'info': 'dn: attribute type undefined', 'desc': 'Undefined attribute
 > type'}

Now it's clearer: The attribute type 'dn' is not existent in schema (and not 
needed as already stated above).

Ciao, Michael.

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