Double checked Python benchmark script

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Jun 25 12:40:38 CEST 2003

Ed . wrote:
> I used to be a C wizard, will check it out later on in my test 
> environment.

I'd very much appreciate that since I'm the opposite of a C wizard.

> This is much simpler but in mine I wanted to test the 
> effect of requesting all all versus single attributes and to do random 
> lookups. This is good however for initial high level investigations.

Note that with my test script you can specify any search by LDAP URL which 
includes specifying certain attributes to read (see RFC2255).

python "ldap://localhost:1390/dc=stroeder,dc=de?cn?sub"

only retrieves attribute 'cn' of all search results.

It also supports the bindname and X-BINDPW LDAP URL extensions:


binds with cn=manager and password 'secret'.

Ciao, Michael.

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