Win32 Binaries?

Mauro Cicognini mcicogni at
Wed Aug 13 15:37:01 CEST 2003

Jerry Lee wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just got this e-mail from Volker Wend who has built Win32 binaries of 
> python-ldap here
> They were built against Python 2.1 and I need something built against 2.2
> ------------------
> I have the Python2.2 Binaries already working. I just forgot to upload 
> those
> to, Since they are now transitioning to a new site. I will wait
> untill that is finished...
> Regarding building OpenLdap and Python LDAP: I compiled the OpenLdap 
> Library
> myself and then python-ldap. Its too long to explain ...
> ------------------
> Thanks Volker!
> Jerry.

Hi everybody,
I have finally managed and gathered the time to compile Python LDAP on 
Win32, too.

I pulled the sources from CVS two days ago and compiled against all of 
the new versions of OpenLDAP (2.1.22) and Python (2.3) (and the very 
latest cyrus-sasl, for that matter).
I did not link OpenSSL in since I'm waiting for feedback from the 
OpenLDAP developers: just compiling *that* under Windows is a pain, as 
Volker probably knows... and I'm not sure how to pull the SSL/TLS 
support in properly.

If anyone's interested, I have the binaries available now. I will post 
them on my homepage ( today or 
tomorrow, although they lack a nice installer.

This is because for some reason the distutils script does not work 
anymore with my old setup.cfg which used to work beautifully with Python 
Is there anyone familiar with these topics that can lend me a hand?

Thanks in advance,

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