SASL EXTERNAL Authentication

James Collier jcollier001 at
Mon Aug 18 12:39:20 CEST 2003

Many thanks to the authors for python-ldap - a very
clean and comprehensive wrapping.

I'd nevertheless like to request a small extension to
offer explicit support of  SASL EXTERNAL
authentication (i.e. bind authentication with
credentials inherited from TLS client certification).

As an indication of how clean python-ldap is, I've
tested the following trivial snippet and it works
perfectly (no callback is needed in this case).

If anyone feels it's worthwhile putting this in
permanently I'd appreciate it.  While it may be
trivial, having such explicit support encourages
package builders to support SASL/EXTERNAL in turn when
they come to build on top of python_ldap.


cat >>

class sasl_external(sasl):
    """This class handles SASL EXTERNAL 
     (i.e. X.509 client certificate)
    def __init__(self):
        sasl.__init__(self, {}, "EXTERNAL")


   -- James Collier.

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