Win32 Binaries?

Mauro Cicognini mcicogni at
Tue Aug 19 17:25:24 CEST 2003

Hi all,
it looks like I do have a setup.cfg that builds correctly under win32. I 
attach it here.
(BTW Michael, how would you let the different setp.cfg versions 
co-exist? Should we put the Win32 one under the Win32 directory? That 
particular directory used to host the old build files that I had cobbled 
together manually to build python-ldap 1.x. In fact I could also provide 
the new versions of those, for those folks who are more comfortable with 
the GUI (which does not build the nice graphical installer, though)).

I did have to extend a bit; I attach the unified diff here.
In fact, I also think that it's better to put the whole of "ldap" and 
"ldap.schema" as "packages" (in distutils jargon) rather than inserting 
every individual file by hand into as a "module". So I took the 
liberty of changing that, too, and that is reflected into the diff. Many 
more lines seem to have changed but it's just an artefact of having 
reformatted the whole file to use consistently 4-space tabs everywhere. 
Please forgive me if this conflicts with anyone else's tabbing style.

The only feature missing at this time is SSL support; the OpenLDAP guys 
haven't finished the port for Win32 and there are also "political" 
tangles so it isn't clear what's going to happen. I do hope they will 
get their act together sometime in the near future, since they claim 
that Windows is now one of the "officially supported" platforms. So I 
hope for interesting developments Very Soon Now.

Now, what I have is a nice graphical installer of Python-ldap 2.0.0pre14 
for Python 2.3. All one had to do is download it and double-click it. I 
was amazed at the amount of work the distutils guys have done; it even 
plugs in nicely with the "uninstall" features of Windows. As an added 
convenience, I made it install the SASL DLL. LDAP support is linked in 
statically, which is handier.

I have built python-ldap (and everything else) using the new .NET 
compiler, which is different than the version used to build the Python 
distribution; however, in my tests everything runs smoothly. I'd love to 
have someone else test my work, since I have limited testing possibilities.

So, please anyone interested let me know and I'll mail you the setup 
exe. I'd attach it here but I doubt that it would be very interesting 
for the majority of the readers of this list.


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