change passwd on openldap via exop?

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Oct 31 00:54:44 CET 2003

paul wrote:
> see subject for the problem ;) Is it possible with python-ldap? I 
> couldn't find something like ldap_extended_operation().

 From TODO:

- Support Extended Operations by wrapping
   ldap_extended_operation() and ldap_parse_extended_result()
   - Set Password ext. op.
   - Whoami ext. op.

Feel free to submit patches implementing LDAP ext. ops.

> I'd like to change passwords without the need to bind anonymously first 
> and search for the {WHATEVER} string, not to mention all the hassle to 
> generate passwords locally (on windows).

I'm not sure what exactly you're planning to do. But usually it's quite 
trivial to set (client-side hashed) passwords by modifying 'userPassword'.

Ciao, Michael.

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