Functions deprecated in OpenLDAP C API

Michael Ströder michael at
Sun Dec 21 15:53:37 CET 2003


I tried to substitute most of the functions which are marked as deprecated 
in ldap.h of current OpenLDAP C API.

Please update your local CVS directory and test!

Note that there are all the arguments ready to pass around server and client 
controls to the OpenLDAP C API but it's not implemented yet. Any takers?

Still left is usage of deprecated function ldap_bind(). According to K. 
Zeilenga ldap_sasl_bind() should be used instead even for simple bind. I'm 
not clear about the state of the SASL-related code.

Please also take note of file TODO and please contribute if you are able to 
spend some time.

Ciao, Michael.

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