Jerome Alet alet at
Tue Apr 6 19:21:57 CEST 2004

Hi there,

First I have to say I ask on behalf of an user of my own
software. I don't have such a setup, and don't have the
full configuration details :

I wanted to know if special coding is needed to support referrals ? 

Is there some code example somewhere on how to deal with them ?

When doing a modify_s() on a slave server, here's the exception
an user of my software obtains :

{'info': 'modifications require authentication', 
 'desc': 'Strong(er) authentication required'}

but I was told both servers are configured exactly the same
way (disk mirror) except the lines necessary to make replication

the bind being done is simple, there's no encryption, and I didn't
change any of the ldap object's properties/options

Any idea, pointer, or anything else ?

Thanks in advance

Jerome Alet

"Now that I'm connected to the Internet, everybody seems 
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