Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Apr 9 23:52:45 CEST 2004

Jerome Alet wrote:
> In my particular case, my application just binds to a slave server 
> and reads datas successfully, but whenever I do an add or a modify, 
> or a delete, I want to either have python-ldap rebind to the master 
> (as hinted by the slave server it seems) and do the modification 
> there instead of on the slave, or receive an exception with its 
> arguments containing the master server's url and any other 
> interesting information needed to have my own code do another bind 
> and the modifications I wanted to do in the first place. 
> No sure it is very clear. Summarised it could be : do all reads from 
> the slave and all writes to the master.

Well, if your master providing write access is always the same server I 
don't see a need to use referrals at all. ;-)

Ciao, Michael.

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