How to get msgid from ldap.result() call?

Ken Key key-ldap-dev at KSquared.NET
Tue May 4 19:59:37 CEST 2004

>>  In looking
>> through the sources, it appears the information is never preserved.
>> I locally hacked my copy of LDAPObject.c to make ldap.result()
>> return a 3-part tuple of (result_type, result_data, result_msgid),
>> where result_msgid = ldap_msgid(msg) after the msg was determined
>> to be good.
> Please provide a patch.

I've attached the diff below to the change I was testing in
Modules/LDAPObject.c.  It is not a complete fix, as I still
need to go through the rest of the code to change the result()
return handling to deal with the 3 element tuple.  The hack was just
a quick proof of concept change to see if I could get my proxy
server to work.

I'll work up a more complete patch in a couple of days.  Honestly,
I half expected this idea to be rejected.  Won't changing this
return value break any 3rd party code that uses ldap.result()
when they crack out the elements of the return tuple?  I must
confess that I am new to Python (and LDAP), so perhaps I'm
asking a stupid question.

>>  I need the message ID to match up the reply with the
>> originating request context.
> This would also be very handy for a completely async LDAPObject
> implementation which dispatches results to calling threads without having
> to
> use thread locks around each _ldap call.

I think I follow that, but it's a bit over my head. I'm just looking
for a way to lookup the client who's proxy request this reply was for.

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