Error: Schema fetching on Oracle Directory Server

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Jan 12 07:51:29 CET 2005

Wido Depping wrote:
> I've looked into this issue the last hours and have found a solution
> to this. Unfortunately this means (from my perspective) that the old
> split_tokens(string) function must be replaced.

Thanks for diving into it.

> Since the old split_token(string) function wasn't documented and not
> well prepared for handling these special cases, I rewrote the
> function. It can be found here:

I'm currently testing your code.

> In the README file
> is specified, that the code should be compatible with Python 1.5. My
> code is compatible with this version. But it needs at least the import
> of the string module, which is provided with 1.5 (Checked in the docs
> from

Well, ldap.schema is probably not compatible with Python 1.5. I'd really 
like to drop support for older Python versions but that's another issue.

> In the current shape, the function is only 3% slower than the old
> code, but works with all LDAP servers, including Oracle now.

I will test. I'd be happy if you provide a LDIF dump of a sub schema 
entry of Oracle's OID.

> But if we
> could use string.split(aList), this algorithm would be 3 times faster
> than the current one.

I currently do not have the time to analyse this any further. Can you 
please explain why string.split(aList) can't be used within your 

> I leave it up to you, to integrate my function, or find your own
> solution.

I'd add your code to python-ldap provided you give away copyright for it 
to the python-ldap project. Please confirm (list Cc:-ed).

Ciao, Michael.

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