Error: Schema fetching on Oracle Directory Server

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu Jan 20 09:23:22 CET 2005


Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Since the old split_token(string) function wasn't documented and not
>> well prepared for handling these special cases, I rewrote the
>> function. It can be found here:
> I'm currently testing your code.

There seems to be something wrong with your version of function 
ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens(). I've experienced some strange 
issues when accessing MS AD with web2ldap.

Find attached a script I'm using for regression testing. It fails with 
your implementation. Maybe it helps you to sort out the problems. Please 
extend this script to also cover the Oracle-specific test cases and send 
it back to me. Hmm, the script should be also in 
Tests/Lib/ldap/schema/ of python-ldap's CVS.
(Not sure, I'm off-line on the train while writing this.)

Ciao, Michael.
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