Error: Schema fetching on Oracle Directory Server

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Wed Jan 12 22:42:57 CET 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:51:29 +0100, Michael Ströder
<michael at> wrote:
> > In the current shape, the function is only 3% slower than the old
> > code, but works with all LDAP servers, including Oracle now.
> I will test. I'd be happy if you provide a LDIF dump of a sub schema
> entry of Oracle's OID.

I'll do that tomorrow.

> > But if we
> > could use string.split(aList), this algorithm would be 3 times faster
> > than the current one.
> I currently do not have the time to analyse this any further. Can you
> please explain why string.split(aList) can't be used within your
> implementation?

Hmm, nothing. I may not have expressed myself clearly enough. I wasn't
sure if you were following certain coding conventions, so i tried to
do the algortihm as simple as possible and keeping the usage of the
string module low. But since we can use this module, the part can be
replaced by string.split().

If have a more general question about some things you do in the source
code. At some points you assign a function from a module to a
variable, like "string_split = string.split".
I've asked myself, why you do this. Is it to improve speed? Your
assignment would spare a lookup of split in the string module and be
somehow faster.
But some quick testing showed, that this trick only gains 0.3 seconds
when splitting a string 1.000.000 times.

> > I leave it up to you, to integrate my function, or find your own
> > solution.
> I'd add your code to python-ldap provided you give away copyright for it
> to the python-ldap project. Please confirm (list Cc:-ed).

I hereby grant the python-ldap project
( my copyright belonging to all
parts of code, which is meant to be included into python-ldap. This
includes all future commits, unless otherwise stated.
Wido Depping
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