Error: Schema fetching on Oracle Directory Server

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu Jan 27 15:46:31 CET 2005

Wido Depping wrote:
> Attached are the updated testcase file and my improved split_tokens() function.

Hmm, I really dislike your constant keywordDict although I somewhat like 
the idea behind it. But this list of keywords is simply not sufficient.
=> I modified function ldap.schema.tokenizer.extract_tokens() to pass 
argument known_tokens down to your version of split_tokens() as new 
argument keywordDict.

But now the script does not work anymore although 
web2ldap and the script Demo/ seems to work with it.

Well, this surely needs more testing. Please remember to send me a LDIF 
file of Oracle's sub schema sub entry.

Ciao, Michael.

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