Implementation of LDAPControls

Michael Ströder michael at
Tue Feb 22 09:57:05 CET 2005

Deepak Giridharagopal wrote:
> My approach has been to model the OpenLDAP LDAPControl struct as a
> tuple:
> (OID <string>, Criticality Flag <boolean>, Value <string/list of bytes>)

I'd prefer to have a dedicated class hierachy for this in a separate 
sub-module ldap.controls. I will provide something for it which is 
compatible with your modifications to LDAPObject.c.

> The "Value" field needs to be an ASN.1 encoded list of bytes.
> [..]
> # Here's where I actually construct the payload. The payload for this
> # AD control needs to be an ASN.1 sequence with a single int inside.
> payload = asn1.Sequence()
> payload.append(0xf)
> # Ta da, here is the control
> control = ( oid, criticality, payload.encode() )

I think we could move the invocation of .encode() for all controls in a 
list into the wrapper classldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject. Together with a 
well-defined control class possible type conflicts would clash early in 
the Python wrapper code. This makes debugging easier.

Ciao, Michael.

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