Whoops premature send, mail python-ldap + webware + solaris odd problem

Joe Pasko fightplatetectonics at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 00:27:20 CET 2005

I started to snoop the traffic between the solaris client machine and
ldap server.

On successful ldap queries(cmd line python) the first two packets go
back and forth to the ldap server as expected.

   client  -> server
   client  <- server
   client -> server

On the webware based ldap requests I see the first three packets

   client -> server
   client -> server
   client  <- server

It's noteworthy that the second packet being sent in the failed
scenario is a bit smaller than the first packet.

Packet #1: ETHER:  Packet size = 66 bytes
Packet #2: ETHER:  Packet size = 54 bytes

So the $2 question is why is the python-ldap library under webware
sending two packets ?

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