python-ldap + webware + solaris odd problem

Joe Pasko fightplatetectonics at
Mon Mar 7 18:26:19 CET 2005

Ok this is weird.

To recap: python-ldap is working fine under solaris 8 and 10 when run
either from the command line or as a cgi under apache.

Python-ldap is failing when run it under webware. Note python-ldap is
working just fine under webware when run under linux.

I've  traced the problem to something in the network land.

When running under webware + solaris :

The initial ldap request packet(SYN) is sent to the server, BUT packet
#2 is a RST(Tcp reset) sent from the client to the ldap server.

So the successful handshake looks like the typical TCP: Syn, SYN,ACK, etc seq.

Running under webware under solaris I get:

Client sends SYN -> ldap server
Client sends RST -> ldap server
Server sends SYN,ACK -> Client
Server sends RST,ACK -> Client

Anyone have thoughts on what might be causing the TCP Reset( RST ) to be sent?

I'm still trying to figure out why the behavior would be different
under webware than the command line or as a cgi.

All help Appreciated,


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