100% CPU utilization in Zope after LDAP connection timeout

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Wed Mar 16 23:51:58 CET 2005

Matthew X. Economou wrote:
> I think there's a problem with python-ldap on FreeBSD/alpha that
> causes a thread with an LDAP connection to get stuck in a CLOSE_WAIT
> state.  I am unsure how to further troubleshoot this problem.

Which OpenLDAP client lib version are you using?

Did you build python-ldap against OpenLDAP's libldap_r? This is strongly
recommended for multi-threaded client apps.

> Digital AlphaServer 2000 5/250

Which version of python-ldap are you using? There were some fixes in
python-ldap 2.0.4 for 64-bit platforms.

Could you please try to reproduce this problem without Zope? Maybe some
small multi-threaded client app sending similar LDAP requests to the server?

Ciao, Michael.

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