problem with the case of attributes' names

Jerome Alet alet at
Thu Mar 31 14:06:46 CEST 2005


I encounter some problems with IBM Directory Server and python-ldap

The same app which works just fine with OpenLDAP breaks with IDS
because, it seems, of a problem with the case of attributes' names.

For example, IDS will return things like "objectclass" while
OpenLDAP will return "objectClass", and this seems to cause some
problems when retrieving and/or modifying attributes

Could this be a bug in IDS ?

Is there some rule on how to correctly handle this ?

Should apps expect attributes names in any case or not ?

Shouldn't ldap.modlist handle this automatically (not sure if it
does or not) when updating existing attributes ?

Does python-ldap do something special about name's case or not ?

Thanks in advance for any information on this subject.

Jerome Alet

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