Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Apr 20 19:17:39 CEST 2005

Jerome Alet wrote:
> is there some caching mechanism in python-ldap ?


> if not wouldn't it be desirable to have one ?

Maybe. It really depends...

Note that the caching in OpenLDAP client libs was considered broken.
That's why the wrapper code for making OpenLDAP's client-side caching
available to python-ldap was removed.

> if yes, I'm ok to try to do it.

I'd go for sub-classing LDAPObject and hook into method search_ext_s().
Well, caching for async search operations does not really make sense

Issues which come to mind:
* There can be lots of subtle details to consider which might lead to
different search results (e.g. access control, the ManageDSAIT controls,
* take care of flushing the right objects from your cache when modifying
* for security reasons flush your whole cache when (re-)binding on a
given LDAP connection

I'm sure there are more issues...

Ciao, Michael.

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