python-ldap and mac os x tiger, missing symbols

Bethany Jane Hanson bethany at
Mon May 16 22:31:30 CEST 2005

interesting.  i also heard this:

"You need to un-define _XOPEN_SOURCE and _POSIX_C_SOURCE in order to 
successfully compile python sources on Tiger. Also, you need to use a 
build of Python that was configured on Tiger (either our 2.3 port or a 
2.4.1 configured on Tiger)."

I'm trying 2.4.1 out now.  What a bummer.  Thanks!

On May 13, 2005, at 6:48 PM, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

> On May 14, 2005, at 01:34, Bethany Jane Hanson wrote:
>> The same thing compiles just fine on mac os x 10.3.x.  I'm including 
>> the same libraries on both compiles.
> Tiger has quite a few issues compiling certain things. For one, I have 
> not found a way to compile Python 2.3.5 on it at all. 2.4.1 works 
> fine. And python-ldap built with Python 2.4.1 works. But building for 
> the system-python in /usr/bin fails with problems like the ones you 
> saw.
> jens

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