[Patch] RFC 2696 and reception of server controls

Ames Andreas Andreas.Ames at comergo.com
Wed Jun 15 12:19:44 CEST 2005

Hello Michael,

Michael Ströder wrote:

> Thanks for your contribution. It also seems to work with OpenLDAP
> 2.3.

Thank you much more for all the work and energy that you invest into
python-ldap to make it as useful as it is.

> I've committed the changes under Modules/ and cleaned up things for
> Lib/ a little bit. The new file Demo/page_control.py demonstrates
> the use of ldap.controls.SimplePagedResultsControl.

Thanks again.

> Please sync with CVS and test. If you don't have access to CVS
> e-mail me personally and I'll send a tar.gz snapshot.

I just had a cursory glance at it and it looks good to me.  One very
minor issue is that the comment about returning plain tuples in the
page control demo is no longer prevailing because of your enhancements
of the result3 method.

When I get around it (and that may very well take some time) I will
just use
http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cvstarballs/python-ldap-cvsroot.tar.bz2 to
get a cvs snapshot.



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