Experimental 2.2.0 Windows Build

Sidnei da Silva dreamcatcher at users.sf.net
Tue Sep 5 03:58:26 CEST 2006

Hello there,

I've managed to put together an experimental 2.2.0 build for Windows,
which can be found here:


I'm admittedly not an expert in compiling stuff, so if anyone with
more expertise can double-check what I've did:


... specially the change from '-shared' to '-mdll -static' on the
arguments to 'ld', I would really *really* appreciate.

For the brave folks willing to try out the installer itself, you're at
your own risk, but please report back any issues.

If the build turns out to work fine and people are willing to bless
this as the official Windows build and upload it to sourceforge I
would be more than glad.

It was built with mingw against:


Sidnei da Silva
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