Can't Import LDAP

Ted Johnson whatawonderfulworldweliveintoo at
Tue Oct 3 19:56:20 CEST 2006

I thought I had written you off-list because I'd accidentally erased your response while I was working on solving my problem, but I just checked and the email never got sent! It was more involved than I thought, and by the time I got it all figured out, I'd erased your email. I had to figure out how to install a new python over the old, but the old kept getting called. It was because the python binary lived in /usr/bin and the new one in /usr/local/bin, and guess which one got called first! Anyway, everything works now. However, I'm working on getting an older distro of py-ldap2 because I've realized I will probably need to work with the older python :(
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