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Wed Oct 4 02:51:56 CEST 2006

Ted Johnson wrote:
> I realized too late that I should have moved the /usr/bin/python binary
> before building out with the command you gave me. I used your command
> but still couldn't import ldap...I assume because I didn't uninstall the
> old python 2.3.5 (which I don't know how to do, since it's not built
> from ports, so I'll just move the binary :) Anyway, can you give me a
> command which undoes everything you just had me do, and I'll try again?

If I understand correctly, that would be "make deinstall clean" and then
"make install clean", if it insists to use python2.3, try specifying

Note that it's not the end of world if you have a installation in
/usr/bin/python :-)  Just do a tarball over: /usr/bin/idle*
/usr/bin/python* /usr/lib/python* /usr/include/python*
/usr/share/python* /usr/share/examples/python*, then remove them would
make sure that you have a clean system.  Note that Zope 2.7 requires
Python 2.3 series IIRC.  If you have a spare system, installing
everything from scratch with the ports collection there before actual
operation on production system would save you a lot of time.

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