Compiling on windows

Anil Jangity anilj at
Sun Feb 11 03:20:42 CET 2007

There is a windows python-ldap (2.0.6 py 2.4) available here:

But its a little old...

Anyone working on getting one up for python 2.5 and latest python-ldap release?

On 2/10/07, Jonathan Bowman <bowmanj at> wrote:
> I have been trying to build python-ldap on Windows. First, I need to
> build openldap on Windows using openssl, heimdal (kerberos 5, gssapi,
> etc.), and cyrus-sasl. I am doing this using mingw (as I assume that
> is what python-ldap uses).
> OpenSSL is not a problem, but then I get stuck on heimdal, which keeps
> me from compiling cyrus-sasl. Should I be using MIT Kerberos instead?
> (I do not know how to build MIT Kerberos using mingw). I am using
> MSYS, heimdal has a problem with sockets on Windows.
> Can anyone give me any hints at all? At this point, I do not know how
> to do this without getting involved in altering significant source
> code in heimdal, which is beyond my means.
> Thanks for any response,
> Jonathan Bowman

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