Michael Ströder michael at
Sun Mar 11 11:17:33 CET 2007

Ervin Hegedüs wrote:
> I'm not sure about it - as I wrote when I run script from system shell (I mean:
> interactively), then script doesn't drop any exception.

If your script behaves differently when invoked from system shell then
their is another problem.

> I try to print
> out the DN
> value, what I give to the function as first argument, and it looks
> like a normally
> DN, eg.: cn=airtest,ou=ftp,o=company,dc=domain,dc=com.
I guess the trailing dot is the end of the sentence and not part of your DN?

> By the way: I try to set up those trace_level, may be it will be more
> informative...

I recommend this since you see then which values get really passed into

Ciao, Michael.

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