compiled ldap libs for win32/python 2.5

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Apr 11 10:27:07 CEST 2007


Ross McKerchar wrote:
> 1) Is it simply a case of getting someone to compile the current 
> development code or is extra work needed on the codebase?

There should not be any effort needed on the codebase.

> 2) Is there a roadmap or commitment from anyone for releasing a win32 
> package in the future?

Some people did Win32 builds before. But they did not keep up with
Python and python-ldap development. And the builds did not support SASL

> I am curious as I have a win32/2.5 based app that could really do with 
> some ldap functionality and if I can get the current status of project 
> then I'll be in a better position to help...

Your help would be appreciated. Probably using MingW?

Ciao, Michael.

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