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Timur Izhbulatov TimurIzhbulatov at
Tue Jul 17 14:45:37 CEST 2007

Torsten Kurbad wrote:
> Timur Izhbulatov wrote:
>> Don't forget that the easy_install command works perfectly with
>> project download pages on So, I don't think it is necessary to
>> upload .eggs to PyPI.
> The question for me is: Does zc.buildout support this method. To clearify: We are developing projects that are widely based on Zope3 ( The zope corporation developed a concept named buildout to install .eggs locally in a project directory, which is interesting for users who don't have permission to write into the system's site-packages. This way, also different versions of python packages may coexist peacefully, since buildouts don't know the environment of their neighbors.
> I will check, if the buildout.cfg supports checking out and building eggs from, but nevertheless, building on e.g. OS X is a bit tricky, since it lacks the appropriate openldap-2.3 and sasl headers, not even to speak of Win32...

According to [1] buildout supports the 'find-links' option which should solve 
your problem. Also, I don't think it has something to do with the location of 
your python libraries. For example, I keep most of the stuff I need in 

> And uploading to PyPI is as easy as:
> # python register bdist_egg upload

Of course. But I think it's better to keep all eggs in one basket =)


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