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Torsten Kurbad python-ldap at
Wed Jul 18 08:56:42 CEST 2007

On Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 08:01 Michael Ströder wrote:

> Being in the role of the maintainer I'm always concerned about
> continuous support for a certain mechanism.


> Since .egg files are
> platform-specific the question arises:
> Who is going to provide which builds for every new release?

Good question.

> On which platforms/distros?
> With which OpenLDAP/SASL/OpenSSL libs?

There are some systems that make the decision easy:
Mac OS X, e.g. comes with a set of SASL and OpenLDAP libs by default.
After getting the necessary headers from a Linux-Installation I was able
to build .eggs there with the standard system-Python (2.3.5).

On Linux, of course, the situation is much more difficult. I use Gentoo,
which is in many ways very standards compatible, but I use bleeding edge
libraries, like glibc 2.6, OpenLDAP 2.3.36 etc.
The past showed that an old distribution, like RedHat 8, combined with
some newer libraries, but with an "old" glibc provides almost 100%
compatibility of binary builds to other distros.

I think, it's a question of defining prerequisites, like: If you want to
run this from an .egg, you need at least OpenLDAP 2.3, etc.

But still, it's a complex task that should be shared among several

> Today especially the situation regarding Win32 builds is poor. A
> *strong* commitment of volunteers is needed...

Yes, I understand that.
For the moment let's perhaps agree to the following:

After 2.3.1 is out, I will build .eggs on every platform and every OS at
my disposal and put them in our "private" distribution  at

If you want to, you may announce that on the Homepage and/or in the docs
then, but with a remark saying that these .eggs may be out of date.
Whenever I can spare the time, I'll build .eggs for upcoming releases.

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