Preparing release 2.3.1

David Leonard d at
Wed Jul 18 10:04:39 CEST 2007

Perhaps there might be some interest in people running buildbot slaves? 
Michael, you could run a trusted buildmaster, and helpers would run 
buildslaves that connect to your master.

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Torsten Kurbad wrote:
>>> I'd like to release 2.3.1 soon.
>> still one question: Do you plan to upload some .eggs to PyPI then?
>> I meanwhile successfully build eggs for i686-linux as well as Mac OS
>> X 10.4 PPC (Intel platforms should work the same way) using Py 2.3 +
>> 2.4.
>> Nice to have would be an egg for the Windows platform, which I can't
>> build due to the lack of a proper Windows devel environment.
>> Anyway, after 2.3.1 is released, I'd be happy to contribute the
>> mentioned .egg files - could you then upload them to PyPI? I could do
>> that, too, but it's for you to decide...
> Being in the role of the maintainer I'm always concerned about
> continuous support for a certain mechanism. Since .egg files are
> platform-specific the question arises:
> Who is going to provide which builds for every new release?
> On which platforms/distros?
> With which OpenLDAP/SASL/OpenSSL libs?
> Today especially the situation regarding Win32 builds is poor. A
> *strong* commitment of volunteers is needed...
> Ciao, Michael.
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