Preparing release 2.3.1

Alain Spineux aspineux at
Wed Jul 18 14:00:14 CEST 2007

Don't  forget your package is already included in some distribution
and then widely available.

Personally I'm happy to have eggs functionality to deploy the same egg
on multiple identical machine with custom configuration.

The best effort solution is to publish the version you can and all
spontaneous contributions.


On 7/18/07, Michael Ströder <michael at> wrote:
> David Leonard wrote:
> >  Perhaps there might be some interest in people running buildbot slaves?
> > (
> > Michael, you could run a trusted buildmaster, and helpers would run
> > buildslaves that connect to your master.
> Frankly I don't have currently the time for diving into it.
> We have so many dependencies, each deployer of python-ldap could have
> different needs:
> Python
> OpenLDAP
> Cyrus-SASL
> Kerberos (MIT/heimdal)
> OpenSSL
> I'm rather reluctant to open that can of worms...
> Ciao, Michael.

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