building better binary eggs

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at
Thu Oct 25 19:35:53 CEST 2007

I use Zope and "buildout" and, like those who made some earlier posts
this year, I need binary eggs to install.  I note that no one has put
such eggs on the Cheese Shop, and the binary eggs that do exist and to
which people have offered URLs seem to depend on one's OS having
paritcular versions of particular libraries installed.

I want to suggest another approach: there needs to be an .egg for
python-ldap that simply includes in the .so file, statically linked,
all of the libraries it needs - so that the OpenLDAP and OpenSSL
libraries just come "built in" and working, and don't rely on your
even having those libraries available on your OS, much less having
them working.

Are there license problems that prevent this?

I had followed this approach with my "PyEphem" library.  I can't
imagine that many people would use it if they had to download and
install an obscure astronomy package first from a third party!  So my
package's file simply has the astronomy libraries
statically linked in, so nothing except Python and my module are
required for users to get started.

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at

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