Creating Active Directory Objects

Geert Jansen geert at
Tue Nov 6 21:17:03 CET 2007

Hello Mike

> Apologies in advanced if this is a duplicate post, but every time I  
> tried searching the archives it would time out.  I am wondering if it  
> is possible to create Active Directory objects (users) with the python- 
> ldap module.  I am currently developing on Mac OS X.  I realize there  
> are AD modules out there, but I am not aware of any that will compile  
> and run on Mac OS X.  If there are I would appreciate any  
> suggestions.  Any information you can provide would be much appreciated!

It is definately possibly to create active directory users with
python-ldap. You just need to take care that you set the minimum amount
of attributes required, otherwise the addition will fail. I don't have
any code ready at the moment, but just create a user object with ADUC
and see what attributes that sets. Then take these as a base. Note that
you don't need to create the SID and the GUID -- these are created
automatically by AD.

Regards, Geert

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