building better binary eggs

Torsten Kurbad python-ldap at
Thu Nov 8 14:13:23 CET 2007


> I want to suggest another approach: there needs to be an .egg for
> python-ldap that simply includes in the .so file, statically linked,
> all of the libraries it needs - so that the OpenLDAP and OpenSSL
> libraries just come "built in" and working, and don't rely on your
> even having those libraries available on your OS, much less having
> them working.  

I don't see any problems with this approach, except:

- someone has to build and maintain those eggs
- such static libraries are much overhead on systems having the
appropriate dependencies available. Thinking of Linux one had (at
least) to link in:
* glibc (with all dependencies)
* libssl + libcrypto
* libsasl
* libldap
* liblber

For my purposes the dynamically linked eggs work just great, and
everyone who tried the windows egg, after installing the obvious
depency OpenLDAP reported success so far.

So, if you need static eggs, go ahead - I don't see much use...

  I'll give you a definite maybe. -Samuel Goldwyn

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