Python LDAP version availability

Matej Vela vela at
Tue Nov 20 18:45:42 CET 2007

"Thomas Crawley" <thomas.crawley at> writes:

> I need to get my hands on an version 2.2.1 of Python-LDAP.
> I am trying to install Python LDAP and have run into the same problem
> which this guy had.
> [1]
> I do not want to upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.3. I just need a version of
> Python-LDAP compatible with OpenLDAP 2.2.
> Where can I get such a version of Python-LDAP ?

If you're using Debian or one of its derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu),
"apt-get -b source python-ldap" should do the trick.

If not, <>.



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