[ANNOUNCE] python-ad

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Tue Dec 11 16:56:08 CET 2007

David Leonard wrote:
> I am interested in a better GSSAPI binding for Python.. and have some
> incomplete code locally if anyone else is interested.

Well, how about contributing your code to another project?
Or how about creating a new project?

> To do credential forwarding, the gss is currently kind of crappy about
> how to extract creds portably, but if you know it's kerberos and you can
> set KRB5CCNAME to a temporary file you can stash a delegated TGT into a
> temp ccache so that SASL/GSS can find it when you talk ldap.

Well, setting an env var is not really a good choice when running within
a multi-threaded web application... :-/

Ciao, Michael.

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