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Michael Ströder michael at
Tue Feb 12 11:13:37 CET 2008

James Andrewartha wrote:
>> Hmm, I don't know whether I want to endorse the use of module 
>> ldap.cidict. Since Python 2.3 has support for sets now this is somewhat 
>> outdated.
> The main feature of cidict is that it's case-insensitive - I didn't
> think Python's sets were? cidict is still being used in this example
> written at the end of last year: 

Hmm, it's used therein to store an entry. Yes, one could use it like this.

But for higher-level stuff I'd rather like to endorse something like 
class ldap.schema.models.Entry which is a full schema-aware dictionary 
for LDAP entries. It solves all name alias and name->OID mapping 
problems but requires LDAPv3 subschema subentry information to be 
retrieved and initialized. But I consider this also to be somewhat 
immature since I'm probably the only one who's using it. And one to do 
left: Attribute sub-types are not handled.

Ciao, Michael.

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