how to write filter argumnt for search function of LDAPObject class

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Mon Mar 10 05:45:06 CET 2008

Hi guys,


I am trying to access windows Active directory by using python-ldap, but I do not know how to write filter argument for search function.

search(base, scope [,filterstr='(objectClass=*)' [, attrlist=None [, attrsonly=0]]]).


For example: A filter sting which based on RFC4515 ( is "(&(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(c=*))". From the docs of python-ldap, the forms of the argument, ('cn=fred*') and ('objectClass=*') can be found. 


I’d like to know how to write the sting of "(&(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(c=*))" for search function. I am not sure where it is enough to answer my question, if you need more information, just ask.


Thanks a lot


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