Removing person names in python-ldap's source files

David Leonard d at
Thu Mar 20 12:17:19 CET 2008

Michael Ströder wrote:
> HI!
> inspired by a presentation the Subversion guys gave (as Google tech talk) 
> I'd like to remove all person names from the source code files. Instead 
> authors/contributors are all listed in README.
> I already removed *my* name from all the python modules it appeared in. Now 
> I'd like to ask for the permission, especially by David, to remove all other 
> person names from the files Modules/*.

Hi, Michael - sorry for the delay, I have been vacationing.

Is the tech talk presentation online? It sounds like a good idea; please 
move my name out of source files.: you have my permission. The commit 
info is probably going to be sufficient :)

Also, I added python-ldap to ohloh (


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