Python-LDAP doesn't like crypt-passwords with 41bit?

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Wed Jul 23 10:38:27 CEST 2008

Hi altogether,


I have a little problem with python-ldap, version 2.2.0 (shipped with debian

I'm using python-ldap with Plone 3.1 (with PloneLDAP module), Slapd 2.3.3
and LibLDAP 2.1.3.


Our passwords in the LDAP server are encrypted with "crypt" and stored as
41bit binary values. The problem is that python-ldap doesn't seem to like
41bit passwords but only 20bit. When I try to authenticate by Plone-LDAP /
python-LDAP, it doesn't work, cause the password doesn't match. (Our LDAP
server stores the LDAP passwords as 41bit values by standard)


If I re-set the password then from Plone-LDAP / python-LDAP, the new
password is stored as 20bit binary and authentication works. 

Is there any way to get python-LDAP 2.2.0 to "eat" 41bit binary crypt
passwords? Or do I have to upgrade python-ldap in order to get this working?



Thanks in advance, B.



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