REG:python-ldap able to handle unicode characters

Michael Ströder michael at
Sun Jul 27 17:37:29 CEST 2008

deepti jawalkar wrote:
> I have been working with python ldap and ADSI modules to get my tasks 
> done in AD and i have noticed that python ldap is able to handle unicode 
> characters when we try to add/remove a particular user from a group who 
> has unicode characters in his DN but the sam eis not possible in ADSI 
> can you gime an insight as to how Python ldap is able to handle this ?

I'm not sure I fully understand your question.

Up to now python-ldap does not have any Unicode handling. That's because 
the root of the API is still in pre-Unicode-Python-times. So the code 
using python-ldap is responsible for doing anything related to Unicode 
encoding/decoding and pass valid strings to python-ldap's functions and 
object methods.

It would help if you show a concrete case maybe with data and Python 
code where python-ldap works and ADSI does not. (Anyway I'd recommend to 
use python-ldap since you can then even tweak your AD from a Linux box. ;-)

Ciao, Michael.

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