Really strange error

Michael Ströder michael at
Sat Aug 2 10:12:22 CEST 2008


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Jonathan Hansen wrote:
> Turned that on and it's a little more confusing because I can SEE 
> results returned...

The output '=> LDAPError' in the trace log shows that an exception was 
raised derived from an error code returned by the underlying OpenLDAP 
client libs.

> PS: Here is the befuddling output in case it tells you more than it does 
> me.

Note that the LDAP URL behind *** shows for which connection the 
operation was invoked. So let's see...

> *** ldap:// - SimpleLDAPObject.simple_bind 
> (('user at Domain', 'password', None, None),{})
 > [..]
> *** ldap:// - 
> SimpleLDAPObject.search_ext 

Obviously the servers differ. Check your code.

Ciao, Michael.

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