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Matej Vela vela at
Mon Aug 25 13:09:44 CEST 2008

Anil <anilj at> writes:

> Thanks, that worked! I am able to compile it now, but if I enable sasl, 
> it also fails:
> "Modules/LDAPObject.c", line 568: Warning: String literal converted to 
> char* in formal argument format in call to 
> _PyObject_CallMethod_SizeT(_object*, char*, char*, ...).
> "Modules/LDAPObject.c", line 614: Error: Cannot use void* to initialize 
> sasl_interact*.
> "Modules/LDAPObject.c", line 615: Error: Cannot use void* to initialize 
> _object*.
> "Modules/LDAPObject.c", line 689: Warning (Anachronism): Formal argument 
> proc of type extern "C" int(*)(ldap*,unsigned,void*,void*) in call to 
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s(ldap*, const char*, const char*, 
> ldapcontrol**, ldapcontrol**, unsigned, extern "C" 
> int(*)(ldap*,unsigned,void*,void*), void*) is being passed 
> int(*)(ldap*,unsigned,void*,void*).
> Sounds like the same thing.

Yup.  If you haven't already, try replacing lines 614 and 615

    sasl_interact_t *interact = in;
    PyObject *SASLObject = defaults;


    sasl_interact_t *interact = (sasl_interact_t *) in;
    PyObject *SASLObject = (PyObject *) defaults;

(Sorry for the late reply.)



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